Earn more, ride less

We connect independent food delivery couriers directly with restaurants to deliver food to their customers.

  • Get paid by road distance, not straight lines
  • Distance to restaurant is also paid to you
  • Flexible working hours: choose when and how much you want to work

How does it Work?

Connect directly to restaurants to deliver in your preferred area


Sign up and send your documents


Go online when you want to work


Deliver food from local restaurants

You are fast, but you don't have wings.

You are not a plane, so you get paid by road distance, not straight lines that flight through buildings.

All delivery companies calculate your pay using flight distance which does not represent the reality, but you travel the distance on the road which is much different than straight lines between two points.

We calculate the optimal route to take from your location to the restaurant and from there to the customer’s place.

What restaurants expect from you

  • Speak German or English
  • You are a citizen of the EU or have a valid work permit
  • You are friendly with customers and motivated to work in a fast-paced environment
  • You have a smartphone with a data plan
  • You have a roadworthy vehicle (bicycle, scooter or car)
  • You have your documents ready

Frequently asked questions

A valid work permit for the country you are applying for.

You must have reached the minimum age in that country.

Registration as a freelancer.

Depending on the deliveries requested by restaurants, and your availability and distance to the restaurant, you will be offered the delivery job.

You’ll see the distance, pick-up and drop-off location, the restaurant information and how much you will be paid, you decide to take the job or not.

The payment for a delivery job is calculated in this way:

Distance to Pickup + Distance to Delivery  + Surge Multiplier + Tips = Total Earnings

There is a minimum base pay of 3.5 € per delivery. Your will never get paid less than this.

Distance to Pickup (DTP): The distance from your location to the restaurant at the moment you accept the offer.  Currently this is 0.30 €/km.

Distance to Delivery (DTD):  The distance from the restaurant to the delivery location.  1 €/km is the current rate.

Surge multiplier (SM): When couriers are not available to fulfil orders, an increase in the delivery cost is applied to attract couriers to accept delivery request.  30% is applied if no couriers are available the first time we try to match the request.  If still no couriers are available, we apply a 50% SM, and lastly a 100% SM is applied.  If no couriers accept the request after the last SM is applied, then the request will be automatically cancelled.

Tips: We suggest customers to tip you in cash so you keep all tips you receive.

Your earnings are calculated every Monday for the week before (Monday to Sunday) and payouts are initiated on Wednesday. It might take a couple days for your money to be seen in your bank account.

Yes, with us you are a freelance food delivery service provider, our platform connects you directly with local restaurants to deliver their food.

You decide when to work.  Use our App to set yourself online in city areas where there is demand for deliveries from local restaurants.

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