Local on-demand services in one single app

Ethical, convenient and simple access to all local services you need to power your digital lifestyle

Ethical, fair and local

Easy access to on-demand services doesn’t need to take advantage of people. All our providers set their own rates and we don’t take abusive commissions.

We support local small business owners so that up to 90%* the price you pay goes directly to the service provider.

Convenience Redefined

No more searching, downloading, signing up and learn to use yet another app.

We give you immediate access to all your services, with one singe account and without so much clutter in your phone.

No compromise on quality and trust

We strive to connect you with the best providers so we verify their identity and perform the same checks as all other platforms.

You can also see ratings and comments from other customers.

* Our commissions are very fair and transparent, take a look at them here.