Deliver your food on-demand with zero commissions.

We fulfil food delivery orders by connecting you to a fleet of independent delivery couriers. Our technology handles all the logistics of delivery, real time tracking and customer notifications.

  • 1 € flat fee per order + delivery cost based on distance*
  • Real time tracking of your orders for you and your customers
  • We integrate with your existing online ordering system
  • You don’t need to have your own delivery drivers 

* Delivery costs go directly to the couriers

How does eazi Work?

Start offering on-demand food delivery in three easy steps


Signup for eazi

Tell us basic information about your restaurant and delivery needs 


Integrate your order system

Connect your website or existing online order system to automatically dispatch a delivery courier


Offer on-demand delivery

Start delivering orders with our network of couriers

End-to-end Delivery Experience for your Restaurant

Allow your customers to track their delivery in real time.

A real time tracking link is sent via SMS so customers can track the courier to their door.

No more anxious phone calls and more happy repeat customers.

A restaurant food delivery service with no commissions or hidden fees

Stop letting third-party apps eat your margins. with eazi, streamline your delivery costs and drive incremental sales by paying one flat fee per order + the delivery cost that goes directly to the delivery courier.

By relying on our fleet of independent couriers to deliver orders, restaurant owners can get back to what they love: making great food.

The perfect delivery solution for your restaurant

  • Fair pricing without commissions
  • Automatic dispatch of the nearest courier upon order placement
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Notifications at every step of the delivery – from pickup to completion
  • No extra overhead or additional staff to manage

Frequently asked questions

We do not charge a commission % on your order value, with us you pay an introductory 1 € fixed order fee + the delivery cost.  Delivery cost goes directly to the courier so they are paid fairly for their work.

Delivery costs are calculated based on three components:

Distance to Pickup (DTP): The distance from the courier location at moment of order acceptance to restaurant pickup location.  Currently this is 0.30 €/km.

Distance to Delivery (DTD):  The distance from restaurant pickup location to the delivery location.  A 1 €/km is the current rate.

Surge multipliers (SM): When a courier is not available to fulfil your order, an increase in the delivery cost is applied to attract couriers to accept your delivery request.  30% is applied if no couriers are available the first time we try to match your delivery request.  If still no couriers are available, we apply a 50% SM, and lastly a 100% SM is applied.  If no couriers accept your request after the last SM is applied, then your order will be automatically cancelled.

There is a minimum delivery cost of 3.5 € per order, so your minimum pay per order will be 1 € order fee + 3.5 € delivery cost = 4.5 € per delivery.

When signing up you will enter your payment method details.  We currently support credit cards but are working to add more options in the future.

Every week we consolidate all orders delivered for you and make a single charge to your payment method.

Once you have signed up with eazi, we will help you find the quickest way to connect your current order system to our platform.  Contact us and one of our specialists will guide you through the entire process.

Fulfill your deliveries with eazi